Aluminum Garage Doors

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Aluminum Garage Doors

Are you searching for the most innovative and daring home designs to incorporate into your exterior? Many homeowners are choosing to update their homes with today’s latest design aesthetics and materials to add home value and unique curb appeal. One of the best ways to achieve a striking and modern design as well as higher efficiency is by installing a new aluminum garage door. These bold, modern garage doors are so appealing for many trendsetting homeowners because of their clean designs and exceptional functionality.

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Styles of Aluminum Garage Doors

With a new aluminum garage door for your home, you can transform your exterior. The simple lines of aluminum garage door designs not only draw glances to the front of your home, but they also easily highlight and accentuate your home’s existing architecture.

While many alternative garage door materials like steel or wood are available in traditional designs, aluminum doors feature sophisticated and contemporary styles that blend efficient, durable metal with bright windows. The widespread rectangular windows covering the exterior of aluminum garage doors create a bold look, but they also allow pleasing natural lighting throughout your home during the day and create a warm glow at night.

Homeowners have a wide range of glass and window customization options to diversify the design of their aluminum garage door, suit their design tastes and fit their daily needs. Choose from clear glass options or a variety of different coloring options, including tinting and frosting finishes, mirroring, obscured glass textures and more. For a more classic appearance, you can replace the window features of your door with solid aluminum panels.

With the wide range of window design options, metal finishes and clean designs available, the bold appearance of aluminum garage doors can easily be incorporated into any type of home architectural style, from traditional to mid-century to contemporary.

Benefits of Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are not only growing in popularity because of their modern designs, but also because their build materials ease daily usage, ensure dependable long-term operations, and maintain their attractive finishes for many years. With a new aluminum garage door for your home, you’ll notice the following benefits right away:

  • Lightweight Construction: Aluminum is a much lighter construction material than any other garage door option, including steel or wood. This lighter door frame results in less strain on garage door parts, like springs and tracks, that facilitate smooth and reliable garage door motion.
  • Natural Resistance: Unlike steel or wood garage doors, aluminum materials are naturally resistant to harmful corrosion like rust, which can diminish the appearance of your door as well as its durability. Due to aluminum’s high resistance to moisture and corrosion, aluminum garage doors are ideal for homes located in areas near salt water. Salt air and water can wreak havoc on other garage door materials, ruining their finishes and quickly damaging their structure. But aluminum will always maintain it’s like-new look.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Once your aluminum garage door has reached the end of its usable lifespan, the materials can be easily recycled and used again for another project.
  • Long-Term Savings: Due to the lightweight construction of aluminum garage doors, the door places less strain on the garage door’s operating mechanisms like springs, cables, tracks, hinges and openers. By having less stress and weight placed on these pieces of hardware, you can save on routine maintenance and repair or replacement costs.
  • Energy Efficiency Options: By selecting several specialty upgrade options, your aluminum garage door will not only be a stunning addition to your home, but will also improve your overall energy efficiency. Choose insulated glass for your aluminum garage door to better regulate your indoor temperatures, reduce strain on your HVAC system and save on your annual utility bills.

How Long Do Aluminum Garage Doors Last?

Like any garage door material, the lifespan of your aluminum garage door will largely depend on how often you use the door, the environment in which your home is located, and whether you perform regular maintenance. With proper care, your aluminum garage door should reliably operate and maintain its appearance for up to 30 years.

To improve the longevity of your door, make sure you regularly replace any damaged parts, perform exterior maintenance, and follow any care guidance provided by your door’s manufacturer.

How Much Does an Aluminum Garage Door Cost?

Of the available garage door construction options, aluminum garage doors are among the most cost-effective materials. Depending on which design features, texture and coloring options, and other upgrades you choose, installing a new aluminum garage door can range in cost from $2,200 to $6,000 depending on the size. Keep in mind that when you are purchasing a new garage door, the cost of installation will not only include the door itself, but also take into account labor and other factors like construction and home location.

Can You Paint Aluminum Garage Doors?

It's not recommended that you paint an aluminum garage door, although there is the option of powder coating. Powder coating is a coating that protects metal and metal parts from corrosion. Unlike paint, powder coatings do not use solvent and are applied dry. It works as a 'skin' for the aluminum garage door.

Maintaining Aluminum Garage Doors

Keeping your aluminum garage door in pristine condition is simple. Maintenance for aluminum doors consists of routinely checking parts for damage and lightly cleaning the surface at least twice per year in normal environments or four times in coastal zones, removing any dirt and debris that could tarnish the finish or dull the windows or coating.

To properly maintain your aluminum garage door, wipe the surface down with a mild detergent and clean water, then let it dry. For added protection and luster, apply a thin coat of car wax to the exterior surface of the door after it’s been cleaned. If your door design features windows, wash them with a gentle dish detergent and rinse completely. Do not use abrasive, solvent-based or ammoniated cleaners.

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