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Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Replacement

San Diego County, CA

Your garage door is an invaluable asset at your home. In fact, most homeowners use their garage doors more often than they use their front doors. But, your garage door needs regular maintenance and quality repairs to operate at its peak potential.

One of the most common repairs homeowners need to make is a garage door cable replacement.

At Easy Open Door is located in Lakeside, CA, but services all of San Diego County. Homeowners in neighboring communities like La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee and the surrounding communities.

We offer a team of highly knowledgeable, experienced garage door professionals who know how to get the job done quickly and effectively.

When you need cable replacement in the San Diego area, make sure you get the best quality garage door service possible by choosing Easy Open Door.

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Garage Door Cable Snapped? Need Cable Replacement?

How do you know when you need a cable replacement? Look for telltale signs indicating you may need to replace your garage door cable, including:

  • Trouble winding around the garage door’s drum
  • Pulley damage
  • A cable that’s become completely unwound.

Some issues will not get better — only worse. So, it’s best to act immediately to prevent further damage and keep your garage door operating as it should.

Preventing A Garage Door Broken Cable

To avoid a cable replacement in the future, make sure you’re conducting regular maintenance on your garage door. At Easy Open Door, we provide maintenance services — in addition to garage door cable replacements — in La Mesa and other communities around San Diego.

We will visit your home and inspect your garage door, looking for signs of wear and tear that could lead to urgent repair needs. With your permission, we will make the minor adjustments and repairs needed to keep your garage door operating as it should be.

DIY Garage Door Maintenance: Proceed With Caution

Proceed with caution before conducting any garage door maintenance on your own. A garage door can open and close easily thanks to its specially designed springs. However, these springs can do the heavy lifting because they are under massive amounts of tension.

It’s recommended that you apply garage door lubrication and take other minor maintenance actions to protect your springs. But, be sure to call on a professional before you do any advanced troubleshooting, including garage door cable replacement.

Call Easy Open Door for Your Garage Door Cable Repair

Easy Open Door is the company you can trust for cable replacement in Eastern San Diego County . Even with our nearly 40 years of experience, we remain a small company that’s focused on delivering outstanding service with the utmost integrity and honesty.

Each of our team members is experienced, too, bringing at least 15 years of service in the garage door industry to each job. Our collective experience makes an enormous difference when you need garage door cable replacement and other repair services you can count on.

Your home and its garage door are valuable assets, and they deserve only the best in maintenance and repair services. Make sure you’re getting the best when you choose Easy Open Door.

Contact us today about a broken garage door cable or any other garage door repair needs in the San Diego area.

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