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Garage Door Tune-Up Services in San Diego County, CA

Easy Open Door is proud to offer garage door services for homes in La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside and throughout the greater San Diego area.

If you’re not already scheduling routine garage door maintenance services, you may be putting your garage door at risk.

Our annual tune-up services are an affordable way to protect your door, extend its life and avoid costly repair bills.

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Benefits of an Annual Garage Door Tune-Up

Some major benefits of garage door tune-ups are:

  • Safety:

    Without regular tune-up services, you may miss the warning signs that something is about to go wrong with your garage door. If both of your torsion springs snap at the same time, or one has already gone and the other follows, it could result in your garage door slamming down and seriously injuring someone or damaging property. A tune-up is likely to prevent such a situation.

  • Cost:

    The price of an annual tune-up is low compared to the cost of a major garage door repair. By taking care of your garage door now, you can ward off many of the issues that could lead to a major and expensive repair later.

  • Life Expectancy:

    Your garage door and garage door system simply will not last forever. But a quick and affordable garage door tune-up once a year could allow you to get many more years out of your system than you otherwise might.


What Are Some of the Features of an Easy Open Door Garage Door Tune-Up?

When you call Easy Open Door for your garage door tune-up services in San Diego, we’ll send a trained professional with at least fifteen years of garage door experience to your home.

He’ll complete a thorough visual inspection of your garage door, putting it through a cycle to see how it’s working and checking for any signs of wear or damage.

Our technician will clear away any dirt and debris that may be interfering with your door’s function due to accumulation in rollers, tracks, under the door and on photo eye sensors.

He will tighten loose bolts, adjust misaligned parts and check your springs, cables and other parts for excessive wear.

If the technician determines a component is too worn down, we’ll bring this to your attention, and with your permission, we can replace it with a brand-new part on the spot.

Finally, we will lubricate all moving parts and check the alignment and balance of your door. If any problem appears with either one, we’ll adjust the door to get it back into alignment or balance.

We’ll check the door once more to make sure everything is working properly and leave you with tips on how to care for your door until we return the next year.

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The continuing health of all the garage doors in our greater San Diego community is important to us. We want to make sure your garage door keeps running smoothly.

To schedule your annual tune-up, call us or contact us online today.

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