Garage Door Belt Maintenance in San Diego

A belt-drive garage door opener uses a belt that consists of rubber, polyurethane or fiberglass to pull a trolley that opens and closes the door. The belt usually runs the length of the rail and operates much like a chain-drive system, without the jumping, squeaking and metal-on-metal clatter. Belt-drive systems are perfect for homeowners who want to minimize noise, especially if they reside in a split-level home or have a living area above their garage.

While belt drives are faster, stronger and have fewer components than other drives, they can still break. In this case, Easy Open Door recommends a new opener to ensure peak performance and safety for many years down the road. When it comes time for installation, our expert team will get your door operating smoothly again in no time.

Garage Door Maintenance Services

If you’re trying to diagnose a problem yourself, remember that many garage door parts are under high tension because of the weight they move while operating. That’s why it’s vital to contact an experienced professional service like Easy Open Door. Our experts will evaluate your garage door system for potential issues accurately and safely.

Proper maintenance goes a long way toward increasing the life of your garage door system, including the opener. Our team will inspect your entire system at least once a year and perform the necessary cleaning, lubricating and minor repairs to keep the whole system running optimally.

Several steps you can take on your own to ensure the continued smooth operation of your opener include:

  • Testing and replacing the remote’s batteries.
  • Testing the backup battery.
  • Checking and replacing the light bulbs.
  • Inspect the belt and motor gears for damage.
  • Ensure the coating on the wires is free from cracks or tears.

Problems That Can Occur With a Garage Door Opener Belt

Belts play an integral role in the proper operation of your belt-drive garage door opener. Without belts, your door would be unable to open and close. Although they’re highly reliable and durable, garage door belts don’t last forever.

Usually, a faulty belt occurs from one of the following issues:

  • Dirt, loose parts or misalignment: Sometimes dirt or tiny, loose components along the tracks or rollers can cause your belt to operate improperly.
  • Tension loss: Belts stretch out over time. An entire opener replacement is a safe and effective remedy for a belt with lost tension. Installing a new opener is usually straightforward and often doesn’t involve other significant components.
  • A broken belt: Various factors can lead to a broken belt, such as age, normal wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance or severe tension issues.

What Types of Garage Door Openers Have Belt Drives?

When purchasing an opener for your garage door, you have five primary options — a chain, screw, belt, jackshaft or direct drive. Jackshaft and direct-drive technology are newer to the industry, while chain, screw and belt-drive openers dominate the market. Belt-drive openers are the only openers that use belts as their primary drive mechanism.

The type of garage door you buy usually doesn’t require a specific opener model, so you can generally purchase the one you feel works best. At Easy Open Door, we know our way around belt-drive systems and offer several new belt-drive openers. When it comes time to perform a replacement, we’re more than capable of providing a top-quality installation.

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At Easy Open Door, we’re committed to providing homeowners in Eastern San Diego County and the surrounding area with the highest quality garage door products and superior service. We’re a family-owned-and-operated business with over four decades of experience. Installing belt-drive openers and helping you maintain them are just a few examples of our many outstanding services.

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