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Your garage door contains many moving parts that all must be working optimally for you to get the best performance out of your garage door system. 

While a single broken garage door roller may not cause detrimental damage to your garage door right away, it can still cause the door to function incorrectly or put extra stress on other parts of the door.

If you notice a broken garage door wheel, call us for a fast and simple roller replacement to prevent further garage door repairs.

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Why Do I Need a Garage Door Wheel Inspection?

Your garage door is on a track, typically leading up across the roof of your garage.

When you activate your garage door opener, the torsion spring winds, pulling the door up into the garage along the tracks using rollers attached to the door.

A problem with those rollers will keep the door from rising and lowering properly.

With enough damage, they could even cause the door to fall, injuring someone or damaging property underneath.

A garage door roller inspection can help you spot the warning signs of faulty rollers before you face an accident or a large repair bill.

Our Easy Open Door garage door wheel service includes preventative maintenance and inspection to prevent roller problems before they happen. The service also involves roller repair or replacement if necessary.

What Happens If You Need Garage Door Roller Replacement?

We can inspect your garage door rollers as part of a complete preventative garage door maintenance plan or during our annual tune-up service. If we identify a problem with your rollers, we will determine if repair is sufficient or you need full replacement. If you do need us to replace the rollers, we have plenty of brand-new, reliable options that we’ll quickly install for you at your convenience.

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How Do You Know If You Need Garage Door Roller Replacement?

Our inspection will show if your rollers are worn out enough to need replacement. We may find that from the simple clearing of any debris from the rollers and tracks and lubrication of the rollers, your system works perfectly. A few garage door warning signs show us when worn-out rollers may be the culprit instead:

  • Unsmooth opening and closing
  • Excessively loud operation
  • Incomplete rising and lowering

If your door is louder than you’d like it to be, you may want to replace your existing rollers with much quieter nylon rollers.

Easy Open Door for Garage Door Roller Maintenance in Greater San Diego

We recommend you schedule annual maintenance for your entire garage door. We can inspect all the parts, from rollers to tracks to torsion springs and more. We’ll make sure nothing is too worn out and that all parts are properly lubricated so you will get the most out of your garage door. To schedule a maintenance appointment, call us or contact us online now.

San Diego County homeowners have been trusting Easy Open Door with all of their garage door service needs since 1979!

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