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Is Your Garage Door Off-Track?

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Garage Door Track Repair

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Your garage door is a collection of various parts that work in concert to create an efficient, convenient entryway to your home. But, over time, these many parts begin to wear down. Your garage door tracks are likely to need repair or even replacement at some point.

When you need a garage door track replacement in San Diego, La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside or another nearby community, don’t settle for just any service provider. Make sure you’re getting the best possible bent garage door track services by calling on Easy Open Door.

Do Your Tracks Need Attention?

Warning Signs of Broken Garage Door Track

How do you know you have a bent garage door track, or that you need garage door track repair? Look for three warning signs:

  1. Loose Screws: If you see loose screws, tighten them. If you discover that the screws become loose again soon after, it’s likely you have a bent track.
  2. Rust Spots: Rust is a sign that your tracks are degrading and need repair.
  3. Loose Rollers: Loose rollers mean there’s an opening on the track allowing the roller to shake loose.

If you experience any of these issues, they will get worse over time — not better. The sooner you call for garage door track repair, the better it’s going to be for your garage door and your home.

Practice Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

One thing you can do to prevent garage door track repair situations is to practice preventative maintenance. Regularly lubricate your garage door — and schedule a professional inspection annually or as often as possible. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid having your garage door go off track or bending out of shape.

When you choose regular maintenance, you push back the time you’ll need garage door track replacement as far as possible.

A Team You Can Trust

At Easy Open Door, we are committed to maintaining a team of highly experienced professionals to service your garage doors. Each of our current team members has at least 15 years of garage door industry experience, and each is fully capable of delivering a fast, effective solution when you’re experiencing a garage door off the track — or when you have a bent garage door track. This experience matters when it comes to getting your garage door and home back into working order again.

Get the Best Service at Easy Open Door

When your garage door track is bent, you need service you can trust. That’s exactly what we provide at Easy Open Door, where we serve San Diego, La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside and surrounding areas with more than 39 years of experience and a deep commitment to honesty, integrity and delivering results. We are a small company that remains family-owned and family-operated. You can count on getting the best service on every visit.

Don’t let a bent garage door track set your household or your lifestyle back. Make sure you’re moving forward at full throttle by choosing Easy Open Door for your garage door track repair and replacement. Contact us today about garage door track repair in the Greater San Diego area.

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