Should Garage Doors Have Windows?

garage door with windows

Should Garage Doors Have Windows?

Windows on garage doors are a detail that transforms a simple, solid-paneled garage door into a modern, artistic garage door. 

Some worry about the security and vulnerability of a garage door with windows.  In this article, we want to walk you through the pros and cons of garage doors with windows and what you should expect when you have one installed.

Benefits of Garage Doors With Windows

There are a lot more benefits than people realize in having a garage door with windows:

1. They Allow Natural Light In

The great thing about garage doors with windows is that you can let natural light in while keeping the doors closed. If you want as much natural light in your home as possible, wouldn’t you want it in your garage, too?

Natural light pouring in has benefits in itself. No longer will you have to make your way through the dark to get to a light switch. And that flickering bulb over the workbench will be rendered unnecessary in the daytime hours. If your home’s washer and dryer are located in the garage, like many in San Diego, the natural daytime light will mean you can carry a laundry basket safely without the need to hit a light switch first.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of natural light is energy savings. You won’t have to turn the lights on in the garage as often, and you also won’t have a chance to forget to turn them off. That’ll give you substantial savings on your energy bill down the road.

Plus, if you get windows that are small enough and a door that’s thoroughly insulated, your thermal resistance should still be nominal.

2. They’re Customizable

One of the beauties of garage doors is that you can be creative with them. This extends to the windows you want to add, too. And you have a lot of options to choose from.

You can have one or two rows of windows, large rectangular panes, or you can take advantage of many other panel and window designs. Maybe you’ll choose something that’s more ornate, with differently sized rectangles alternating up and down each door panel, or a design with a colored centerpiece, like a diamond or half-crescent. These designs can be laid symmetrically across the door or be made to arch.

Another beautiful thing about being able to customize your garage door windows is that you can match them to your household windows. This is especially tempting if you just remodeled your home’s exterior and waited to do your garage last.

Your ability to customize doesn’t end with the window design, either. It also extends to the type of glass you can choose. Manufacturers typically offer all kinds of glasses, including tempered, laminate, frosted, mirrored, tinted and more. If your garage is attached to your home or is more of a workshop than a storage space, consider getting insulated, double-paned windows for added energy efficiency.

3. They Improve Curb Appeal

Garage doors with windows are simply good-looking. They’re better-looking than most of their solid counterparts, regardless of panel design and color. By adding windows, you’re breaking up the simple pattern of the panel and adding aesthetic appeal.

Adding form to the function of your garage doors will increase your home’s curb appeal and will drive up your home’s value.


Common Concerns About Garage Door Windows

People sometimes have concerns when it comes to adding windows to their garage doors. But they shouldn’t be enough to dissuade you from getting a garage door with windows. We’d like to help dispel some of the myths and give some advice from our many years of experience.


One of the first concerns people think of is privacy. With windows, you may be concerned that outsiders will be able to see into your garage. 

We get it! But here are a few things to consider as well: 

Most garage door windows are positioned at such a height that most people won’t be able to see through them. This makes them essential for letting in that coveted natural light without giving prying eyes a chance to peek.

Tinted or Frosted glass options are available so that outsiders will have a tough time seeing through them.

We’re not saying that all glass garage doors are completely safe, but we’re saying there are many options to consider to protect your home, while still getting that modern style you want!

Broken Glass

Another concern many people have is about the glass breaking. No matter where the window is placed, this is always a possibility. 

Stray rocks flung up from a lawnmower or kids playing sports can pose a danger to your windows. 

To help avoid damage, consider getting tempered glass, which is a stronger, more resilient glass choice for garage doors. 

Something else to consider- replacing glass panels on garage doors is cheaper and easier than panels on steel or aluminum garage doors.

Garage Door Balance

Garage door opener systems operate by lifting the door evenly. These systems are programmed to take weight distribution into account. If this gets thrown off, it can cause your opener to malfunction and potentially cause the door to fall. 

If your door came with windows and was installed by a professional, this won’t be an issue. However, if this is a project you’re taking on yourself, be sure to gauge the added weight to your door. Make sure that your motor can handle the weight. We’d always recommend contact a garage door specialist to install a garage door with windows, or at least to ensure the lift system can handle the load.


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We have been in business for nearly 40 years. All of our technicians have the years of experience needed to successfully install garage doors with or without windows. We follow the manufacturer’s directions for installation every time and offer their warranty on all the products we install. We also offer a one-year labor warranty so that if any problems arise, we’re there to take care of them for you.

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