The Process of Installing a Garage Door

The Process of Installing a Garage Door

As you finish the process of investing in a new garage door, it’s nice to know what you can expect during the installation process. We are commonly asked how long the garage door installation process takes, and want you to be aware of what common complications could slow down the process. Due to the complexity and potential safety hazards, we never recommend that anyone other than trained professionals attempt installing a garage door.  You bought a great, quality garage door, so let professionals install the door correctly to prevent any accidents or malfunctions. To put your mind at ease, we’ve developed a brief […]

Should Garage Doors Have Windows?

  Garage Doors With vs. Without Windows Windows on garage doors are a detail that transforms a simple, solid-paneled garage door into a modern, artistic garage door.  Some worry about the security and vulnerability of a garage door with windows. In this article, we want to walk you through the pros and cons of windows in garage doors and what you should expect when you have one installed. Benefits of Garage Doors With Windows There are a lot more benefits than people realize in having a garage door with windows: 1. They Allow Natural Light In The great thing about […]

What Are Smart Garage Door Openers?

What Are Smart Garage Door Openers? Looking to complete your smart home makeover? It won’t be complete without a smart garage door opener. At Easy Open Door, we want you to get to know the technology used in the Liftmaster garage door opening systems that we install so that when you have a smart garage door opener installed, you’ll know how to use it.  These systems tend to make life much easier for homeowners. What Are Smart Garage Door Openers? A smart garage door opener is simply a gadget that works in conjunction with the mechanisms of your garage door. It is a […]


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