Does a New Garage Door Change the Value of My Home?

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or preparing to sell your home, a new garage door can make a significant impact. From boosting your curb appeal to saving on monthly expenses, new garage doors can increase the value of your home in more than a few ways. 

Value of New Garage Door

Depending on garage size, your doors can account for up to 30% or more of the side of your home. Regardless of how beautiful a home is, almost a third of its visual appeal can depend on updated garage doors.

Garage doors offer a fantastic return on your investment (ROI), making installation an easier home improvement decision than ever before. New garage doors add benefits from aesthetic appeal to better peace of mind, with modern features, better insulation, and increased security. To learn more about how a new garage door can increase your home value, schedule an estimate.


Tangible Ways a Garage Door Increases the Value of Your Home

Depending on the age and condition of your old doors, new doors can virtually change your garage’s appearance — and how you use it. New garage doors will give you benefits you can measure and will increase the perceived value buyers and others place on your home. Some of the tangible ways new garage doors increase your home’s value include: 

Stronger Home Security

New garage doors are stronger than older doors, adding a powerful layer of home security for attached and detached doors. New garage doors and openers have automatic locking features to protect your family and property. Today’s remote door openers are equipped with rotating frequencies to prevent hackers from taking control. Before listing your home, increase your home value with added home security.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Optional insulation is available on many different garage door styles to improve your energy efficiency. Garage doors account for a large portion of your garage wall. Relacing older doors with new, insulated garage doors decreases heat transfer between your garage and the outside. Better control means reduced demands on your HVAC system, lowering monthly utility expenses.

Flawless Door Operation

If a prospective buyer tries to open your garage, make sure they get a good impression. Replacing broken doors will change the  buyer perception of your garage and home. New doors eliminate the loud noises and shaky operation common to older, outdated models. As home improvements go, the smooth and quiet operation of a new garage door is something you, your family and your neighbors can all enjoy. 


Intangible Ways a New Garage Door Increases the Value of Your Home

Your new garage door can also increase your home’s value in intangible ways. For example, the material you choose for your doors can have a big impact on your true and perceived home value. A custom set of wood garage doors and aluminum sectional doors will both benefit your home, but your material selection can heavily influence the perceived value of your home for prospective homebuyers. Other intangible benefits include: 

Increased Curb Appeal

With so much of your home’s appearance dependent on your garage doors, replacements will make a big difference. Browse our wide selection of doors to find styles and looks to complement your home’s exterior. For prospective buyers, new garage doors help draw the right kind of attention. With so many features available on modern garage doors, new doors can add value for prospective buyers. 

Better Use of Space

New garage doors can help you make better use of your space. Garages with better climate control increase home value by preventing water intrusion, stopping pests and keeping the temperature comfortable. For prospective homebuyers, a warm, dry and well-lit garage will always beat a cold and dark one, every time, helping to increase the value they place on your home. 

Noise Reduction

Imagine your home has an old garage door that squeaks every time it goes up and down. Other sounds, including scraping or rattling, can create loud noises that reverberate through your entire house. If you have rooms above the garage, it could depress the value of your home. If you’re trying to sell your house, you’ll increase value by replacing it and attracting homeowners to your listing. 


How to Calculate Increased Home Value

If you’re selling a home in the San Diego area, you want to give your home every advantage you can. Although you have many options for calculating your home’s value, one of the easiest ways is using the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s HPI Calculator. If you don’t remember your exact purchase price, you can use San Diego County’s median home value, which is $593,700.

New garage doors are an affordable way to impress prospective buyers and drive their perception of your home’s value higher. If you’re planning on keeping your house and making some improvements, new garage doors are one of the best investments you can make.  

Looking strictly at the numbers, new garage doors practically pay for themselves. According to the national average, new doors offer a 97.5% return on your investment. Those numbers don’t account for the way your garage looks, feels and appeals to prospective buyers. Over time, energy savings will continue to grow, increasing the value new doors bring to your home. 


New Garage Doors in San Diego

New garage doors are a home improvement you can start enjoying right away. Instantly change the way your home looks and improve the function of your space. For garage door sales and service in the San Diego area, call Easy Open Door of Lakeside today or request an estimate. Estimates for new garage doors are free and conveniently scheduled at your own home. 


Published by: Michele Godden

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