What to Do With Rust on Your Garage Door

Does your garage door have rust? Rust quickly spreads, and it can cause severe problems for your garage door, so you need to act fast.

You have two possible solutions. You can try to get rid of the rust yourself and repaint the door, or you can call in a professional. Your choice depends on the extent of your rust damage. 

What Does It Mean If Your Garage Door Is Rusting?

When your garage door rusts, it likely means that it is older. Most modern garage doors resist rust, but older steel ones develop the problem frequently. There are several cases when you should be concerned about rust on a garage door, including when it: 

  • Spreads rapidly. 
  • Eats holes in the door. 
  • Impacts the appearance of the door.

Severe rust may be covered by the manufacturer if your garage door is still under warranty, so you can contact the company to inquire about your policy. If your warranty is expired, you will have to handle the rust problem yourself. 

What Causes Garage Door Rust?

If you have rust on your door, it likely means it is not rust-resistant, and weather has taken a toll. Rain and snow can cause rust, and so can the salt and sand put on roads to counteract wintery weather. When this material gets under the cracks in your garage door, rust can form. Humid air can also make rust grow, as can industrial areas where raw materials are stored.  

How to Remove Rust From Your Garage Door

If you want to know how you can get rid of rust on a garage door, we have the answer. Soak a cloth in white vinegar and run it across the problem areas to dissolve the rust. Once you’ve wetted all the rust, scour the door with a steel-wool pad. Continue until all the rust is gone, because leaving any can lead to further spread. Use auto body filler to address any holes, then sand the entire door. Use a washcloth to get rid of dust. 

Your next question may be if you can paint over rust on a garage door. The answer? Not until you have gotten rid of all the rust. If you paint over it, the rust will continue to spread. The problem won’t stop until all the rust is gone. You can paint the door once you have completed the rust removal steps. Wash the door beforehand with a mixture of equal parts dish soap and water, and then rinse. 

Let the door dry for at least an hour before you begin painting. Apply rust-resistant primer first, and once it is dry, start using rust-resistant paint. We recommend trying a paint sprayer to get the most uniform look. 

When to Call a Professional for Repairs

Sometimes a DIY approach can backfire. If you don’t get all the rust off, even with a new coat of paint, your door will continue to deteriorate. You should call in a professional if the damage has become too much for you to repair. A garage door technician can replace the bottom panel of a rusted door or replace your door entirely if you have big holes from the rust. 

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Published by: Michele Godden

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