What Makes a Garage Door Modern?

What Makes a Garage Door Modern?

When garage doors were introduced, they were more utilitarian and functional than exciting or visually appealing. Until the invention of the electric garage door opener — and even for a generation or two after — they didn’t try to take the spotlight. They did their job without frills or fuss.

Over the decades, homeowners began seeing their garage doors differently. They wanted their garage doors to feel like a part of their home’s aesthetic. Designers and builders agreed, leading to a surge in the variety of unique and unforgettable garage door styles.

Today, you have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a modern garage door for your property. You can even find contemporary garage models that have the power to transform and delight. To understand the elements of a modern garage door, check out the growing garage door development trends. We’ll start by talking about the composition of many modern garage doors available on the market.

What Materials and Elements Make a Garage Door Look Modern?

Glass and Aluminum Doors

When most picture the quintessential “modern” garage door, they may imagine the crisp, sleek lines of glass and aluminum frames. The combination gives a home a polished, professional appearance and makes the most out of simplicity. Plus, this is a sustainable design choice, too — glass windows can illuminate your garage naturally with less energy, and aluminum is highly recyclable.

Faux Wood Doors

Dark woods have always represented a modern look. Faux wood has come a long way in applications of garage doors, and today, it strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. Faux wood looks as rich and intricate as authentic wood with staining and grain details, but without the heavy maintenance. 

Steel Garage Doors

Can a traditional type of garage door fall into the modern category? When it’s made of steel, the answer is always “yes!”

Steel garage doors have been a mainstay among homeowners for decades. They retain their handsome good looks and like-new appearance thanks to smarter construction. Additionally, steel garage doors come in an array of colors, allowing them to blend in or stand out as needed. They also don’t require much pampering and maintenance over the years.

Real Wood Garage Doors

Doors made from authentic woods such as cedar or hemlock will probably never go out of style. Real wood adds a sparkle of drama to any home, and it can completely uplift a dated facade. Adding real wood garage doors can refresh a decades-old building.

Always plan to periodically inspect and maintain your wood doors. That way, you can enjoy their beauty for longerKeep your wood garage doors looking their best with regular staining to replenish the vibrant finish and reverse the effects of weather and sunlight.

Modern Garage Doors

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the fresh perspectives and dazzling blends of materials in these top-rated contemporary doors from Clopay®. 

AVANTE Collection®

Long-lasting, rust-proof and lightweight, the Clopay AVANTE® collection blends aluminum and glass panels to present a bold look for many homes. These contemporary doors maximize window space while focusing on simplicity. Available options for glass glazing and powder-coated colors make any personality shine through. 


Up to three layers of steel construction can go into a MODERN STEEL™ garage door. Its designs can use flush or grooved panels, and you can integrate windows or woodgrain to create the perfect aesthetic. Plus, this collection offers the latest insulation technology to enhance a home’s energy efficiency.

CANYON RIDGE® Collection MODERN Series

This series achieves durability and versatility in its layers of insulation and composite material. CANYON RIDGE® collection MODERN series garage doors can feature minimalist windows or eye-catching aluminum accents. The faux wood appearance in this line conveys real sophistication and charm.

RESERVE® WOOD Collection MODERN Series

The elegance of natural wood endures the test of time. The RESERVE® WOOD collection MODERN Series has multiple species and tones to round out the four-layer composition. Many customization choices, including windows, cladding and accent strips, let you capture a defining look for your entry.

Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Modern Look

After purchasing and installing a modern garage door, you might want to tackle other projects around your home to breathe contemporary life into your property. 

A few tips to modernize your entire house include:

  • Add more windows and skylights to the home. If this isn’t feasible, you may be able to replace your current windows with state-of-the-art models that give your home updated vibrancy and functionality.
  • Redo the roof. You can complement your new garage’s materials with similar metal or wood for your roofing, or add gleaming gutters and downspouts made of aluminum.
  • Paint your home’s exterior. Even a house that’s more than 30 or 40 years old can gain a renewed sense of energy with a garage door paint job. Consider the paint choices that highlight your preferred modern garage door for installation.
  • Switch up the landscaping. Explore the possibility of laying stones instead of seeding a lawn with grass. Of course, a sophisticated garden filled with plants native to the area can be just as cutting-edge.

By making some alterations to your home’s appearance, you can revive it from the outside in. Ask your preferred modern garage door dealer about the best selections for your lifestyle, home architecture and budget.

Contact Easy Open Door for exclusive pricing offers on modern garage doors from Clopay. Contact our team today and turn your house into a contemporary residence that’s the envy of your community.


Published by: Michele Godden

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