25 Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Specialist

25 Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Specialist

Most of us rarely think about our garage doors unless they are not working. And when our garage doors aren’t working, our only question is usually, “Can you fix it?” However, there are a number of important questions you may want to ask a garage door specialist before you choose them as your regular repair company.

Don’t be fooled by fake pros online- ask the right questions before the garage door technician is at your home.

Ask any of the following questions to any garage door company to get an idea for how reliable they are as your regular expert- whether you’re looking to have a new garage door installed or if you need a quick repair. 


General Questions Before You Decide to Rely on Them

Are your employees licensed and insured?

How much experience do your technicians have?


When Looking for a New Garage Door

What is your top selling garage door?

What material do you typically recommend for a budget like mine?

What manufacturers do you offer?

Do you offer any warranties?

Can you offer an estimate?

How much will insulating my new garage door save me?

How can I personalize my garage door?

How long will it take for the new door to come in?

How long will it take for your team to install?

Do I need to be there during the garage door installation?

Should I also be replacing my garage door opener?

Can my garage door be painted?

Will your team remove and dispose of my old garage door?

How long will this door last me?

When should I start expecting to need repairs?


About Their Ongoing Garage Door Maintenance

How often is your garage door service?

What is done during a maintenance visit?

Is there anything I should be doing between your team’s visits to maintain my door?


When You Need a Garage Door Repair

Will you call me before installing extra-cost parts or further repairs?

Can you give me a cost estimate?

How long will the repair take?

Do I need to be there during the garage door repair?


Why It’s Important to Ask Questions

Your garage door expert knows a lot about garage doors, especially if you are in San Diego and have called an Easy Open Door professional. But not all garage door companies are created equal. By asking the right questions, you put yourself in the best position to take care of your garage door and choose the right company to trust with your needs.

In addition, only you know how often you use your garage door, how it sounds and how fast or slow it usually opens. Asking good questions can help you better perform weekly or monthly maintenance tasks between visits from the garage door specialist.


We’ll Answer Your Questions- Easy Open Door, Co

At Easy Open Door, our specialists have all the answers when it comes to garage doors. We service businesses and homes throughout San Diego County with high-quality installation, repair and maintenance services. To ask one of our specialists a question, call us today.


Published by: Michele Godden

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