What Is MyQ® Technology?

What Is MyQ® Technology?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy and install a LiftMaster® garage door opener. LiftMaster is the industry leader due to their wide variety of high-quality, reliable, whisper-quiet garage door operators. One of the newest and best reasons to consider a new LiftMaster garage door opener is MyQ technology.

But what is MyQ and how can it make your garage safer and more convenient? Read on to find out! 

A New Way to Control Your Garage Door: WiFi

MyQ is smart technology that allows you to control your garage door from virtually anywhere when combined with an app that you use on any WiFi-enabled device.

Once the app is installed, just press a button to open or close your garage door, even if you are far away from your home.

For example, you leave for work and when you get to the office, you realize you left the garage door open. Just press the button on your MyQ app to close it.

Not sure if you left it open or not? The app will tell you. It can alert you whenever the garage door is opened.

This technology can be a great convenience when you are at work, on vacation or away for the weekend. It’s also an important safety feature — if your garage door opens when you’re not home, you are alerted immediately and can investigate the situation.

Other benefits of MyQ include:

  • Never worry about losing the remote: Garage door remotes can be a hassle. If you keep it in your car, you may worry about someone stealing it to gain entry to your home. If you don’t keep it in your car, you may not have it handy when it’s needed. With MyQ, if you have your phone, you have your garage door opener.
  • Let people in when you’re not home: Another convenient feature is the ability to allow access to your home remotely. Have a package coming? Have friends coming to visit? Just use the app to let someone in through your garage, then close the door again once they have left or entered the home.
  • Set your garage door automatically: Do you come home at about the same time every night? Just set the timer to open the garage door automatically when you expect to be home, so you can drive right into the garage without any delay.

Let Us Install Your New LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door in San Diego

Interested in a MyQ garage door opener system? If you are in the San Diego County area, Easy Open Door can help! We have a wide range of state-of-the-art LiftMaster garage door openers with MyQ technology included. Pick the LiftMaster that’s right for you and schedule an installation time that works best. You can enjoy the safety and convenience of MyQ in no time. Call us today or request an estimate online to learn more!


Published by: Michele Godden

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