Ideas for Your Garage Space

Ideas for Your Garage Space If you’ve ever wished for more space in your home, consider converting your garage into an extra room. Converting a typical two-car garage can give you about 600 square feet of additional living space that can be used for storage or turned into a room for relaxing, working or entertaining. A recent report found that 82 percent of homes in the U.S. have two-car garages or larger, but only 15 percent of people use them to park their cars, meaning that this valuable space is often perfect for many families to use as an additional […]

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How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Noisy Garage Door? A garage is a beneficial feature for any home, but if you’re asking yourself “Why is my garage door so noisy?” chances are it requires maintenance or repairs. You rely on your garage door for convenience and safety. Screeching and grinding sounds can disrupt a peaceful morning and often suggest a more significant problem. Spending a few hours every year to maintain your garage door will keep it functioning smoothly and quietly.  With a few fixes and regular maintenance, you can prevent garage door noise. Garage doors are heavy and pressurized, which can make do-it-yourself repairs dangerous. While you can do […]

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Guide to Buying a Garage Door in San Diego

Often overlooked and undervalued, today’s garage doors now average a third of a home’s front-facing facade. That means your new garage door does way more than serve as a shelter for your car. Your home’s garage door draws in the eyes, complements your house’s exterior, adds curb appeal and makes a statement on the care and attention you place on your entire home. But where do you start when you’re ready to buy a new garage door for your home in San Diego, CA or anywhere else?  Homeowners throughout the US can benefit from some tips and how-tos for buying […]

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